LG Renewable Heat Solutions

The LG THERMA V is designed to provide reasonable benefits such as like energy saving, comforts, easy controls and services by applying the advanced technologies.

The LG Inverter Technology provides excellent energy efficiency with optimal components such as water pump, heat exchanger and fan motor. Moreover, the pressure control technology provides stable heating capacity at a low temperature and reaches target performance without difficulties. 

Additionally, the amalgamated model where all-in-one features are combined such as gold-fin and users-oriented functions. This has resulted in boosting professional reputation and enhancing end-user’s experience in the form of LG’s full line-up from 5kW to 16kW in heating capacity.
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Reduce your energy costs and go greener with LG
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Whisper Quiet
Innovative fan design
and silent mode
Energy Smart
Generate up to 75% 
of your energy renewably 
& save smart
Greener Alternative
Up to four times more efficient than 
traditional boilers
Eco Conscious
Renewable heating with added
Government support
Easily Integrated
Up to 7 year warranty
Future Thinking
Saving you money and lowering
your carbon footprint
Quality Assured
BLDC compressor technology 
with energy efficiency at -25oc
Further Information
Details of our complete AWHP product portfolio, its features and benefits can all be found in our handy online digital brochure. Simply click below to receive your complimentary copy. 
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