The mission of the HVAC DESIGN AWARD ASIA is to provide a fair, ethical and competitive platform for companies, designers and consultants from all HVAC design fields in Asia with different experience levels, diverse disciplines and market focus to compete on, while providing them access to HVAC related clients to showcase their success and talents. HVAC DESIGN AWARD ASIA aims to bring together HVAC consultants/designers, companies and the press in Asian Countries.
Highlight, Incentivize & Advocate good HVAC designs, designers/consultants and design oriented companies. To channel the attention of press, interactive medias, HVAC design critics, distributors and buyers to the award winner.

HVAC DESIGN AWARD ASIA focuses on understanding the needs of HVAC customers, suggesting appropriate solutions and value propositions, and ultimately realizing satisfaction to HVAC customers.
The award is organized by SAREK HVAC Design Award Asia Committee and sponsored by LG Electronics in Korea. Learn more about SAREK
The Society of Air-conditioning and Refrigerating Engineers of Korea (SAREK) was established in 1971 to contribute to the welfare of the nation by promoting academic research, technology development, and improving the status of engineers in building and industrial facilities. SAREK was initially established as an Air-conditioning Refrigeration Engineering Society. After merging with the Korean Building Facilities Society in 2000, it was renamed as SAREK and its business area was expanded in response to changing of the times.

● SAREK focuses on the sustainability of various buildings and plant facilities to provide safety and comfort for residential spaces and production sites, and conducts research and development, publication of journals, standard establishment and education.

● SAREK is pursuing performance improvement of energy facilities and the utilization of new & renewable energy through active academic research. SAREK will continue to focus on the development of facility technology to satisfy the social demands for a safer and more comfortable environment.
The evaluation will be implemented by The HVAC DESIGN AWARD ASIA committee which is comprised of the executive group of SAREK(The Society of Air conditioning and Refrigerating Engineers of Korea). These executive group members are renowned professors for mechanical and HVAC-related departments from major universities of Korea and also a PhDs from the national laboratory of HVAC R&D in Korea
02_Evaluation Points
Major criteria will be based on the basic requirements of the building and added value from the design proposal. Basic requirements of the building will be categorized by Needs, Approach, Benefits and Differentiation. Added value from design proposals will be based on how well the new product and solution is applied and harmonized to increase the value from the perspective of building owners, residents, tenants and facility managers.
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Analysis of Hidden Needs/Pain points and the direct/indirect customer situations on Budget/Business Plan/Market/Regulations etc.

Matching with Needs, indicating the competitive advantage through differentiated and unique solution proposals

Proposing actual and quantitative benefits

Distinctive features and benefits from other solutions or proposals, indicating quantitative differentiating points. The unique points of this HVAC design
Adding value to buildings by utilizing new products and solutions such as Multi V 5, Multi V S, Dual Vane, Air-purification kit, DOAS(Dedicated Outdoor Air System), Multi V Water, TMS(Total Management System) etc.
*Travel Vouchers or LG products will be provided to each team. (Amount as stated)
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Q. What is the duration of this competition?
The HVAC DESIGN AWARD ASIA will run for 5 months from June to October 2021. National HVAC DESIGN AWARD ASIA for each country will be held until the end of August 2021. Finalists from each country will be announced for HVAC DESIGN AWARD ASIA from September to October 2021, and the final winner will be revealed in October 2021.
Q. Who can participate in HVAC DESIGN AWARD ASIA?
We are targeting consultants from Asian countries such as Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand and Singapore.
Q. Can people participate in the HVAC DESIGN AWARD ASIA as a consortium of two or more organizations?
No, a team comprising of multiple member organizations is not allowed to participate in the HVAC DESIGN AWARD ASIA.
Q. Can one team submit more than one application?
We will accept only one project spec-in design per consultant company. Please do not submit multiple designs for one team.
Q. How many teams from one consultant company can participate in HVAC DESIGN AWARD ASIA? 
Max 3 team can participate from one company. Members cannot join multiple teams simultaneously. 
Q. Can I add more members to my team profile within the applicant portal?
Yes, you can add up to 3 members to your team on the applicant portal.
Q. Will the HVAC DESIGN AWARD ASIA share my personal details with others?
The HVAC DESIGN AWARD ASIA shall not disclose or convey your personal information to third parties, except to its entrusted agencies for purposes related to this award. The participants will be contacted for permission ahead of time if the HVAC DESIGN AWARD ASIA intends to feature the participant for branding and marketing purposes.
Q. What kind of support will participants get from the HVAC DESIGN AWARD ASIA?
Participants will get support from LGE members in both technical and nontechnical areas, including LGE new product information and power point content .
Q. When is the last date to apply to the HVAC Design Award Asia and submit a design?
The last date to apply to participate in the HVAC DESIGN AWARD ASIA is July 9, 2021. Applications after this date will not be accepted. The last date to submit the design is August 15, 2021.
Q. Is there any registration fee required to participate in the HVAC DESIGN AWARD ASIA?
No fees will be charged to participate in or apply to the HVAC DESIGN AWARD ASIA.
Q. What is the next step after I have registered?
After you have successfully registered, we will supply the sample form PowerPoint by email. This PowerPoint and design should be submitted on or before August 15, 2021 and no late submissions will be accepted. The form can be accessed after successful registration and each country’s LGE employees will support the detailed technical application.
Q. What documents are required as part of the Participant Intent to Apply form?
No documents are required as part of this initial form. The participants are required to fill out an online form by providing required information about their team 
Q. Can I submit the Participant Intent to Apply form more than once?
The Participant Intent to Apply form can be submitted only once. The form can be saved at any step and allows the participant to resume the work at any time. However, once submitted, the form cannot be edited and will be available in view only mode.
Q. What is the next step after I have registered the application information form?
After you have applied for registration, the next step is to submit the N.A.B.D. based summary results as a PowerPoint.  This form should be submitted on or before August 15, 2021.
Q. What happens after I have submitted the final summary result?
After you have submitted the N.A.B.D. based summary results, the committee will evaluate your application. All applications will be assessed based on the completeness and details provided against each requirement to help the review committee assess how well the task is understood and how well they meet the required need and are implemented. The Committee may ask the prize organizers to contact the participant for additional information or clarifying questions if necessary. 
Q. Can I request re-evaluation of my application if I am not selected or do not win?
No, all the applications will be evaluated by the SAREK HVAC Design Award Asia Committee based on pre-announced evaluation criteria and the decision of this Committee will be considered final and not subject to any appeal or arbitration.
Q. Will the participant profile be visible to others applying to the Prize?
On registering with the HVAC DESIGN AWARD ASIA, the default settings will keep the participant profile hidden from others. If the participant wants to make the profile public, it can be done by modifying the Profile Privacy section under the Settings page.
Q. Who are the judges for the HVAC DESIGN AWARD ASIA?
The HVAC Design Award Asia committee will be the judges of the award and the committee is comprised of executives team of SAREK(The Society of Air conditioning and Refrigerating Engineers of Korea). Executives team of SAREK are professors in renowned universities in Korea and Ph. Doctors in national laboratory.
Q. What are the major criteria and points of evaluation from the committee?
Major criteria will be comprised of basic requirements of buildings and add-up value from the design proposal. Basic requirements of the building will be categorized by Needs, Approach, Benefits and Differentiation. And Add-up value from the design proposal will be based on how well new products and solutions are applied and harmonized to increase value for building owners, residents, tenants and facility managers.
Q. What is "Needs" in evaluating criteria?
Hidden Needs/Pain Point Analysis, Budget/Business Plan/Market/Regulations etc. as well as direct, indirect customer situation analysis
Q. What is "Approach" in evaluating criteria?
Matching with Needs, indicating the competitive advantage through differentiated and unique solution proposals
Q. What is "Benefit" in evaluating criteria?
Proposing an actual and quantitative Benefit
Q. What is "Differentiation" in evaluating criteria?
Distinctive features and benefits from other solutions or  proposals, indicating quantitive differentiating points. The unique points of this HVAC design.
Q. What is Multi V 5?
Multi V 5 is the brand name of LG's 5th generation VRF system which has top discharge airflow. It has the highest level of efficiency up to EER 16.7Btu/Wh (4.91W/W) and the most compact footprint and largest capacity (Single unit up to 26HP) among air conditioner brands. Also, it has ocean black fin on the outdoor unit coil to enhance the reliability in salty and wind environments and it is verified by the TUV (3rd party laboratory) for 10,000hrs Salt Spray Test. Its compressor has patented technology for oil level sensing in the compressor to secure adequate oil levels inside. To maximize system efficiency and comfortability, it has a humidity sensor as well as a temperature sensor inside the outdoor unit and an advanced wired controller.
Q. What is Multi V S?
Multi V S is the brand name of LG's side discharge VRF system which has one or 2 fans for side-through airflow with slim body depth. For accommodation on small balconies and to avoid any interference in building aesthetic, Multi V S has a more compact size than other brands due to one fan models from 4HP to 6HP. The Multi V S compact model can reduce unit height by a maximum of 40% compared to other brands. Also, it has new compressor technology in the R1 compressor which combines scroll and rotary compressor capabilities to provide smooth and low-noise operation and enhance reliability when operating at any hertz. Since premium residential buildings are frequently located by the sea, Multi V S also has ocean black fin on the outdoor coil which has 10,000hrs salt spray test verification from TUV. 
Q. What is Dual Vane?
Dual Vane is LG new 4-way Cassette indoor unit, which has 2 vanes on each side to maximize the flexibility of airflow. There are 7 modes to deliver more comfortable cooling. Among these operation modes, Direct Mode and Indirect Mode provide offer the most significant levels of comfort. Direct mode is ideal for spaces with high ceilings such as lobbies, auditoriums and event halls and can provide powerful airflow that can reach as far as 5m to the floor.  Indirect Mode is able to supply lighter airflow and is recommended for environments such as hospitals where patients are sensitive to direct airflow or offices where cold drafts can be uncomfortable. Thanks to Dual Vane Indirect Mode, there is no need to install wind deflectors for indirect airflow after installation, which saves money that would be spent on additional materials.
Q. What is Air Purification Kit?
The Air Purification Kit is an additional option for LG indoor units, including the 1-way, 4-way and ducted type units, which can drastically reduce dust contamination, bacteria, viruses and odors from the air. For 4-way cassettes, there are 5 stages of air filtration that include the pre-filter, dust electrification, fine dust filtration, chemical filtration and ionization. This air purification system is certified by TUV. The 5-stage filtration is capable of removing 99% of 50nm and 100nm fine dust within 1 hour while also removing 99% of bacteria and viruses. For ducted indoor units, the system is fitted with MERV13 filters and UV lamps. According to ASHRAE, MERV13 filter are able to eliminate over 90% of 1.0-3.0um particles from the air. The UV lamps use UV-C (wave length 100-280nm) technology, which is the most powerful method for sterilization of bacteria and viruses. The LG DUAL Vane Cassette is the world’s first HVAC solution to receive UL’s GREENGUARD Gold Certification for low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. The LG Dual Vane Cassette model with air purification kit has been certified by UL for Green Guard which can help in securing green building certifications such as LEED certification.
Q. What is DOAS?
DOAS (Dedicated Outdoor Air System) are fresh air handling units popular in the American market. But due to increasing demand for quality fresh air intake and ventilation, this system is gaining traction in Asian HVAC markets. Recently, LG Electronics has developed a new DOAS system with heat recovery wheel technology and connectivity capabilities with HR type VRF systems. The LG DOAS model lineup has 2 types of systems in the Split Roof Top DOAS and Split Compact DOAS. The Split Roof Top DOAS comes in a 12RT (3000CFM) model and the Split Compact DOAS comes in 10RT (1500CFM) and 12RT (2000CFM) models. 
DOAS systems require cooling coils, heating coils and heat recovery wheels to increase cooling and heating efficiency with 100% fresh air intake. Heat Recovery type VRF models are most suitable for heat source units because they can use free heating energy with the refrigerant loop of the Multi V HR system instead of electric heaters or additional heating sources. An additional heat recovery coil can also reduce the condenser pressure in outdoor units to increase system cooling efficiency.   
Thanks to LG component and system technology, the LG Roof Top DOAS system efficiency is rated at ISMRE 7.5, ISCOP6.0 in AHRI 920 test conditions. All the coils are coated in Ocean Black Fin which has been verified by TUV in 10,000hr salt spray tests. It is also implemented with a direct driven inverter motor and plug fan to match air volume and ESP in both design criteria and variable field conditions. LG Split Compact DOAS also has a direct driven inverter motor and plug fan with heat recovery unit that can be connected to heat recovery VRF units. This configuration makes installation much faster and easier. LG DOAS ethernet connectivity enables microprocessor control for stand-alone functionality and communication through BACnet® IP protocols and allows for comprehensive system control. This DOAS system is suitable for buildings that require large volumes of fresh air and reduction of energy costs such as hospitals, offices, hotels, schools and government facilities.
Q. What is Multi V Water?
The Multi V Water is LG’s water-cooled VRF system that combines a VRF system and cooling tower. This solution provides benefits to buildings in terms of aesthetic and efficiency. Since the water-cooled VRF condenser is located inside of the building where it is installed, the condensers are not exposed on the rooftop or on the balconies of each floor. The system is most suitable for premium high-rise residential buildings or commercial buildings with glass exterior designs. While chiller systems typically are controlled across entire buildings, the water-cooled VRF system can be controlled by the user on each floor like a normal VRF system.
The LG water-cooled VRF system efficiency is rated up to EER 18.8Btu/Wh (5.5W/W), which the best in the world and more efficient than air-cooled VRF systems. Also, since the condenser unit is not exposed to the elements and connects directly to the cooling tower to dissipate heat, the condenser is not at risk of corrosion. The system has a compact footprint and a single module up to 20hp can be installed in a small mechanical room in any part of a building.
Q. What is TMS?
TMS (Total Management System) is the LG service and maintenance program. When the LG central controller (ACP) is connected, temperature, status, error messages and refrigerant cycle can be monitored in real time. If a system malfunction occurs, LG service technicians are alerted and go directly to the site with the necessary parts to perform repairs. This solution helps LG improve system reliability and deliver prompt service when there is an issue with any system.
Q. How is intellectual property treated by HVAC DESIGN AWARD ASIA?
Participants in the HVAC DESIGN AWARD ASIA will be developing novel inventions or designs that may constitute IP that should be appropriately protected. The HVAC DESIGN AWARD ASIA’s approach to IP is as follows: 
• All participants entering the award contest will do so at their risk and will be solely responsible for ensuring that they have taken appropriate steps to protect any IP included in their application. 
• Participants are responsible for ensuring the information they submit does not infringe on any third-party IP rights. Further, if the participants are part of an organization that, through its contracts of employment, has IP ownership provisions for the designs developed by its employees, it is the sole responsibility of the participants to ensure that their participation in the contest does not infringe on the IP rights of their organization. 
• Participants should be aware that their applications for the HVAC DESIGN AWARD ASIA containing technical details of their innovations would likely constitute a public disclosure of their invention/design, and could vitiate their ability to subsequently secure patent/design rights. It is, therefore, imperative that participants understand the risks and take all necessary steps to prevent any adverse impact of their submissions to the HVAC DESIGN AWARD ASIA. 
• All individuals serving on the committees and councils and all third parties that have access to HVAC DESIGN AWARD ASIA technical participant applications and plans will be required to sign/execute confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements when accepting their role with the requisite committee or council.
• All the materials submitted by consultants to this competition shall be owned by respective consultants. Nevertheless, as a sponsor to this competition, LG Electronics Inc. may, at any time, use and distribute any materials relating to this competition internally. All participating consultants fully understand this and agree to such use and distribution by LG Electronics Inc. without additional notice.