Meet LG Electronics Energy Storage Systems

Introducing LG Electronics Energy Storage Systems (ESS)—your trusted manufacturer and provider of residential and commercial energy storage systems. We believe that building trustworthy relationships with our installers is paramount. So, we equip our LG PROs with essential resources, live support, and sales tools to promote and install our products—leading to satisfied homeowners and future referrals to grow your business.

Why wait? Join our LG PRO Program to access:

Innovative, safe energy storage that keeps homes & businesses running smoothly
On-site training & live technical support
The name recognition of a brand trusted for 65+ years
Downloadable custom sales & marketing resources

What to Expect When You Go LG PRO

Installer Training
Homeowners trust you to enhance
their energy solution. We empower
you to bring the energy by providing detailed Home 8 information—on-site and on our website. 
Elevate Your Business
Our LG PRO Program is designed to empower installers like you with valuable marketing resources, reliable live technical support, opportunities to increase exposure and generate leads, and unmatched collaboration at every turn. Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?

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